"Uprooting skin issues with effective ingredients."

The name CLEF came about through our belief that skincare should be CLean and EFfective. At CLEF, we don’t want to treat skin issues - we want to uproot them. We want results that aren’t only fast, but also safe and long-lasting. We want to provide solutions that are relevant to the true concerns of our users.

To do that, we need high quality ingredients that are indiscriminately friendly to all skin types and accommodative to the high-humidity countries we live in. Our formulas should also be multifunctional to avoid stressing out your skin with too many products.

Hence began our relentless search for these miracle ingredients. In 2017, we met 24 potential investors, and visited 12 skincare manufacturers before finally finding a lab for our R&D process.

On it we spent 1.5 years, before successfully developing a breakthrough formula for our first product: CLEF 9-in-1 Copper Peptide Mask, which combines the benefits of nine masks into one convenient package. Later on came CLEF Hydrating Cleansing Gel, a gentle cleanser that cleanses and moisturizes at the same time.

In October 2020, we expanded our retail footprint and made it onto the shelves of SASA Malaysia. We aim to continue making clean and effective skincare increasingly accessible to all, and we hope you enjoy CLEF.