Because quality skincare should be stress-free.

Two years ago, a friend of ours was turned away from jobs at seven skincare companies because of the condition of her skin. So together, we worked on finding ingredients that were indiscriminately friendly to all skin types, while delivering faster results–to provide a more effective solution that reduced the stress of multiple products & ingredients on your skin. With that, the name CLEF came about through our belief that skincare should be CLean and EFfective.

In 2017, we met 24 potential investors, flew over 67,000 kilometers, and visited 12 skincare manufacturers before we finally found one with a lab dedicated to researching ingredients that are especially effective for skincare in countries with high humidity.

Our first step was to create the CLEF Copper Peptide Mask that covers your nighttime mask routine from A–Z. After a year and a half, we successfully developed a breakthrough formula, which combines the benefits of nine masks into one convenient package.

At CLEF, we want to empower you with straightforward skincare solutions that are clean, regardless of your current skin concerns.